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Simple Pleasures - Angela Wybrow

In our lives, there are many little pleasures; 
Little moments which we love to treasure.
Things which, on your face, put a smile, 
Even if only for the very briefest while.

Sleeping between freshly laundered cotton sheets.
Breakfast in bed is an experience, which can’t be beat.
Discovering that you’ve at last lost a few pounds in weight.
Going to the cinema to see the latest film with a good mate.

Browsing around a second hand bookshop.
Making the bubbles on bubble-wrap pop! 
Sitting, browsing through your old photos.
Playing about in the freshly fallen snow.

Singing your heart out to your favourite song in your car.
Meeting up for a drink with your friends at a local bar.
Curling up on the sofa with a hot drink and a good book.
Someone paying you a compliment on the way you look.

Waking up, thinking it’s a workday, and then discovering it’s the weekend.  Having a relaxing, girly night in, with your all of your close girlfriends. When you make someone’s face light up with a big smile. Catching up with old friends, you haven’t seen for a while.

Discovering a tenner in you pocket, which you forgot was there. The odour of freshly cut grass filling the summer air.
Finding yourself in the quickest supermarket queue.
Having a relaxing massage or getting a new hair-do.

Getting all dressed up for a great, fun night out.
Eating your Mum’s Sunday roast, without a doubt.
Reading a good book on holiday by the pool.
The side of the pillow, which is lovely and cool.

When a random person smiles at you in the street, 
Or when a person on a bus or train, gives you their seat.
Excitedly watching the very first snowfall of the year.
After work, sitting relaxing, sipping a nice, ice-cold beer.

Seeing a small baby clap their hands and joyfully laugh.
Lying back and relaxing in a luxurious, warm bubble bath.
When, from a friend, you receive a colourful, news filled letter.
When something happens, which makes everything feel better.

Different things bring different people pleasure, 
So it can be difficult to calculate the exact measure.
But I suspect that at least one of the above, 
Describes something which you really love. 


Angela Wybrow

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